Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Orders are a great way to ensure you get the latest and greatest toys and collectibles as soon as they release! Simply put, a pre-order is an order you make with us to hold an item for you until its estimated release.

Pre-Order Listings

As soon as permission is granted by our suppliers, any and all new pre-orders are posted immediately through our store and social media accounts! We try to provide the most up to date and accurate pricing and release information for each item provided by our suppliers.

Pre-Order Pricing

Pricing for each item is listed as accurately and competitively as possible based on all information given to us by our suppliers and manufacturers. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Price changes may be due to trade tariffs, increased manufacturing costs, and increased shipping costs.

If an item’s price is reduced for any reason, you will be charged the lesser price at the time of processing. 

Partial Deposit Billing will occur when order is placed. If an order is canceled, a 15% restocking fee will be charged. 

Are My Pre-Orders Guaranteed?

Every fan gets excited for new pre-orders and rightly so! However, having a preorder does not always guarantee fulfillment. It’s widely misunderstood that manufacturers can “simply make more”. For many suppliers and manufacturers this is not always the case. Pre-order fulfillment ultimately comes down to availability, and that is sometimes out of our control. We are rarely given full details on product availability, but our buying team does their very best to secure as much product as possible from our suppliers to help fill your needs.

Pre-Order Arrival & Release Dates

Generally speaking, the estimated arrival date provided to us by the manufacturer is accurate. However, it’s not uncommon for manufacturers to miss release dates due to manufacturing delays, shipments held by customs or the release dates are pushed back months at a time. You can always check the product item page for the most up-to-date information on availability or release.