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    Monopoly: Animal Crossing Edition

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    Product description

    Explore the world of Animal Crossing through a Monopoly game! Based on the video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this board game brings you new ways to collect resources and grow your island! 

    Make one trip around the board to get your skill card that you can use throughout the game, and with the video game inspired tokens you will complete tasks and meet other characters. You can collect bugs, fish, fossils, and fruit, or stop at Nook's Cranny to buy decorations, which are worth Nook Miles. The player with the most Nook Miles wins! For 2-4 players ages 8+, this game is great for family game night!

    Product Features

    • 2-4 Players
    • Ages 8+
    • Based on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons video game
    • Features new ways of resource collecting and world-building
    • Player with the most Nook Miles wins

    Box Contents

    • Gameboard
    • 4 Character tokens
    • 4 Skill cards
    • 35 Decoration cards
    • 14 Chance cards
    • 14 Nook Miles cards
    • 160 Resource chips
    • 40 Five-Bell coins
    • 54 Bell coins
    • 40 Player markers
    • Numbered die
    • Nook's Cranny die
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    Monopoly: Animal Crossing Edition

    $40.00 USD