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    PRE-ORDER HOT TOYS Star Wars Arc Trooper Echo™ Sixth Scale Figure

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    EXPECTED TO SHIP: APR 2025 - SEP 2025

    Echo was a soldier in the Grand Army of the Republic, known for his strict adherence to orders and rules -- hence, his nickname, which was sarcastically gifted by his clone brothers. Still, Echo proved to be among the bravest clones, integral in the defense of Rishi Station and Tipoca City, and eventually achieved the rank of ARC trooper. Through tragic circumstances, however, he would become something more than a normal clone.

    Sideshow and Hot Toys are pleased to present the ARC Trooper Echo Sixth Scale Figure!

    The highly-detailed Star Wars action figure is specially crafted based on the appearance of Echo in the Clone Trooper Phase II armor, featuring a newly developed head sculpt with great likeness, finely crafted helmet and armor with unique markings and weathering effects, tailored outfit with kama skirt, and a series of equipment including a heavy blaster, a blaster rifle, a pair of blaster pistols, a backpack, and display base!

    Pair up this Star Wars collectible figure with Fives to enrich your Star Wars collection!

    The ARC Trooper Echo Sixth Scale Figure features:

    • Authentic and detailed likeness of Arc Trooper Echo in Star Wars: The Clone Wars series
    • One (1) newly crafted helmet with weathering effects and three (3) interchange devices (macrobinoculars, rangefinder, and torch)
    •  One (1) newly developed head sculpt with separate rolling eyeball function
    • Highly-accurate hair style, facial expression, and detailed skin texture
    • Armor painted in white, blue and dark grey color with weathering effects
    • Approximately 30 cm tall
    • Body with over 30 points of articulations
    • Seven (7) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
      • One (1) pair of hands for holding gun
      • One (1) pair of relaxed hand
      • One (1) opened right hand
      • Two (2) gesture hands
    • Each  head sculpt is specially hand-painted


    • One (1) finely crafted Arc Trooper Echo armor with distinctive blue details and weathering effects
    • One (1) pair of pauldron with magnetically attachable black chest pouch
    • One (1) white colored utility belt with attached command skirts and pistol holsters
    •  One (1) black colored under-suit
    • One (1) pair of blue, white, grey colored armored boots with weathering effects


    •  One (1) blaster carbine
    • Two (2) blaster pistols


    • One (1) military backpack (equipped with magnetic function)
    • One (1) data pad
    • A figure stand with Star Wars logo and character nameplate
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    PRE-ORDER HOT TOYS Star Wars Arc Trooper Echo™ Sixth Scale Figure

    $299.99 USD